This section is for Nsync art. Currently I only have my own, but if you would like to submit any of your Nsync art to be shown in my gallery, email me

This is some fanart I did for Zebraljb's fic Brotherly Love, which is an Nsync gay frat au. I read tons of her stories when I was going through a pretty bad time in my life and they brought me a lot of happiness then. Painting this was my way of saying thanks. The pic is from a scene where the frat has a Halloween party. I love how you can really tell a fanfic is from the early-mid 2000s by the way that back then, we all universally agreed that leather pants were the most attractive thing a man could wear (I know I thought so). In this fic not one, not two, but three of them decided to wear leather pants in their Halloween costumes. I love it!